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Trade License

A Trade License certificate is a document from the municipality that grants permission to a company to carry on trade or business.

The license is given if the business complies with certain rules and regulations laid down by the corporation and safety authorities of the state.

The application should be made 30 days prior to commencement of business to a Commissioner in the Corporation. When applying the business has to submit certain documents.

Who Can Apply for Trade License

Anyone can apply for a trade license except those who:
  • Are under the age of 18
  • Have criminal records against them

The Different Types of Trade License

There are three types of trade licenses that a company or individual can apply for based on the type of trade or business they carry out.

Shop License

This license is needed for anyone who wants to open a shop. The shop can be of any retail type.

Industrial License

This type of license is needed for any company that wants to open an small or mid-sized industrial unit.

Food Establishment License

Any establishment that plans on getting into the food and beverage industry needs this license. The license applies to restaurants, cafes, meat shops, bakeries and vegetable shops.

Documents Needed

When applying for a trade license, one need to show the following documents:

  • Form 353 duly filled
  • A letter of consent from owner or neighbour
  • The city survey map of your property
  • Tax receipts
  • A blueprint of the premises incase the business deals with explosives, timber and dangerous goods.
  • Other documents that the Ward Officer may demand at the time of registration.
  • For Renewal, you need the following documents

    In India, trade license renewals take place between January 1st to March 1st. While applying, a person should show the following documents:

    • The original trade license
    • All tax receipts, showing up to date payments
    • Past payment challans

Procedure for Trade Registration

Once you know the type of trade license you need, you should fill up form 353, duly filled with all required details and submit the above mentioned documents to the ward office of your local municipality.

After you apply, the officer may ask you for additional details, in case he needs more information about your business. If he is satisfied with all the details already sent, he will issue the trade license to you.

A trade license is valid for a year and it takes about 2-3 weeks to get. You will receive your trade license via courier. It is suggested that you make a couple of copies of the license.

Non Compliance

It is mandatory for every business to have a trade license. If anyone fails to get one before starting a business, he or she is liable to pay a fine or be penalised.

FAQs on Trade License

The whole procedure of getting a trade license should not take more than 15 days. At VakilSahib, we will help you get your trade license within a span of 10 days, from the time you apply.
Yes, the government has made it mandatory to get your license renewed every year. Failing to do so, can attract a penalty or a fine.
Yes, you will need a trade license irrespective of which line of business you are in. Any business that does transactions with another person, has to have a trade license. For a restaurant, you need a Food establishment license.
You can apply for a trade license before 30 days of your commencement of business. Without the license, you will not be able to start operations of your business.
If for any reason you are denied a trade license, you can submit a petition to the Standing Committee (Health) with a copy of your denial letter.

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